It was the newest part of the day, 1:01am to be exact, on a stormy Friday. I was in labor all day Thursday, induced by my doctor. At around 9pm, the doctor decided to stop inducing, let me get some rest, and try again in the morning. Nana and Papa, and Aunt Ronnie, all left … Continue reading Bubby

Soul Song

I wish I was a song , my feet are the notes dancing on the page~my hands, one guiding the clef, the other the staff~my minds eye sees the music, as one ear brings forth harmony, the other melody~my heart, the chromaticism that takes the notes to places high and low, invoking emotions of joy … Continue reading Soul Song


On a sunny Sunday afternoon, 28 years ago, I became a mother. She was so beautiful, so sweet, so alert, and so so long. Twenty-four inches to be exact, two feet of pure joy......The first few hours of labor were scary, because it was my first. Once my parents arrived, my fear abated. My Mom … Continue reading Katie


He was my Dad first. Years later he became Dad, Papa, and Father-figure to my children at a time when they needed it most. When I was a single Mom, he was there to provide us with a home, an extra heart to love, and extra pair of arms to hold. I worked and went … Continue reading Dad

Light Shines Brightest even in the Dark

A strange soft glow touched my eyelids as I opened my eyes this morning. Sunrise through storm clouds. The sound of thunder rattling windows filled with the day's surreal first light. And then the rain came...dancing droplets reflecting golden light against an inky sky. There was no rainbow, no colorful symbol of hope. Instead I … Continue reading Light Shines Brightest even in the Dark


Nature's changes are tapping on the window to my world. Bidding the flowers in my garden good-bye, one by one. As the sun moves farther away, taking my pretty petals that danced under its light with it, I am saddened for just a moment. Soon Autumn's bright colors will appear, one last show of light … Continue reading Promise

A Poignant Day

A poignant day.....Today marks the anniversary of a two year journey through loss and love, and the many lessons learned when faith in God shines it's light. Throughout this saga I watched my best friend deal with the loss of her husband Dennis; she reached out to her world of friends, bravely sharing her sorrow. … Continue reading A Poignant Day